Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have an estimate done?

All of our estimates are FREE of charge.


How long does it take to install a new residential sprinkler system?

The typical residential installation is completed in only one day.


How much damage is done to my lawn during an installation? 

Although minor, the process of installing a lawn sprinkler system will cause some damage to your lawn. This is part of the process of pulling the pipe into the ground with one of our pipe pullers. The lines that are present after installation is completed will disappear within a week or two with proper watering and mowing.


How often do I need to water my lawn?

Obviously this depends on the season, but a good rule of thumb is to be sure your lawn receives one inch of water per week. We will set your system up for you, but you can water as much or as little as you wish with some simple adjustments to your irrigation controller.


What is the best time to water your lawn?

When you run your lawn sprinkler system, some water evaporates before it hits the ground. If its a hot and windy day, this water evaporation can be substantial. As a result, the best time to water your lawn is sometime between 3 am and 9 am. The winds are usually calmer and the air is cooler during these times.


Is your company insured?

Aqua-Systems of WNY is fully insured.


Can you use water from a well or pond to water your  lawn?

We can use wells or ponds for lawn watering. We always recommend that a well be tested prior to using for irrigation to verify its capacity. Ponds can also be used in some situations with the installation of a pump to move the water.


I'm having a pool installed in my backyard and I'm not sure what to do about my lawn sprinkler system?

If you currently have a lawn sprinkler system, just call our office and we'll send out one of our technicians. Our technician will ask to see the area that the work will be performed to determine what part of your lawn sprinkler system will be affected. He can then remove heads, trace mainline piping and control wiring, and stub up piping where possible. This will allow us to put your system back in working order after the work is completed. Calling us before the work begins is ALWAYS recommended and will help reduce costs to put the system back together.


What makes Aqua Systems better than the competition?

Our experience in the industry with over 24 years in business goes a long way, but the combined experience of our staff is about 200 years worth! We have 4 installation crews and 10 service technicians. Our service technicians are on the road doing what they do best, servicing our clients. They're not tied up installing systems. This means much faster service response times when you need us most. Couple that with our FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and you can rest easy when you have an Aqua-System lawn sprinkler system installed at your home.